On Friday 5-26 we ran north in hopes of making it to Gorda for some halibut fishing. We pretty much made it there but the weather was so crappy we decided to turn around and settle for some rock fishing back down at rodgers. The rock fish and lings bit pretty well and we had limits for all in just a few hours. The next day (5-27) we tried the same thing and the ocean was much nicer at the point than the previous day. However the current was ripping so hard that i decided we go fish for rockfish first instead of trying the deeper water for halibut. The rock fish didn't bite extremely well but we did manage limits of some very nice grade. The highlight of the day was when one of the clients hooked and landed a 66lb halibut. On Sunday 5-28 we were after salmon which had been biting pretty good the previous two days. We had to wait for the tide to launch and good hear the boats catching them all morning. Finally at about 10 we hit the water and headed to the fleet. By the time we arrived the bite had died and the fish had seemingly moved on. After a couple hours of trolling and no action for us or anybody else i decided to make a move. I headed north to a spot that looked good the day before when we were heading to gorda. We found what we were looking for and it took me a while to get them pin pointed but once we did it was game on. By days end we had limits of salmon for the four people on board. We spent the last couple days of the month, and salmon season, by getting limits of salmon and lingcod for everybody. Overall it was a fantastic ending to the opening month of our fishing season. It was  spent with some great people and experienced fisherman who i enjoyed very much



I know its been a while but heres an update on my last few trips. On Saturday 5-20 i had 4 people for a half day rock cod trip. We found them in a biting mood and had limits of lings and rockies in just a few hours. On Monday 5-22 we ran north in hopes of making it to gorda to do some halibut fishing. Well, we made it there but we turned around before even dropping a line as it was just too knarly to fish. We scooted back down the hill just a few miles to do some rock fishing where the water was much nicer. The fish didn't bite hot and heavy but we worked at it and got a really nice limit of rockfish and ling cod. The biggest ling cod boated this day was 24lbs. After reports of a few salmon being caught the day before we decided to give salmon a try for the first time on Tuesday 5-23. It started off pretty slow but eventually we found an area with a few fish. It wasn't red hot by any means but we put 4 salmon on the boat before we decided to give the rockfish a try. The rockfish didn't bite to well but we did manage limits of lings and a few handfuls of rockfish by days end. I took today off but the salmon bit good today and there were a few boats with limits. With all the bait thats been showing up i have a feeling that the salmon fishing will be getting better. If you plan on getting salmon this year, now might be the time to do it. Im full until Sunday but have openings from then on where we will be targeting salmon.


Was able to make it up north the last couple days (5-12 & 5-13) for some fantastic rock fishing. The first day we took advantage of the deeper depth restrictions above the 40'10 line and had limits for the boat in three drifts! It was nice to see some different than normal species in the box, due to being able to fish a little deeper. Yesterday we arrived early to a pretty chunky ocean and as we started the trek north i was beginning to wonder if we'd make it back. As we were slogging are way up the hill the conditions slowly improved and by the time we got there the ocean was actually pretty nice. The bite started out a little slower than the previous day due to lack of current. slowly the water started moving a little and the fish began to come over the rail at a pretty good pace. By 10:00 we were headed back down the hill with quality limits for all. All in al,l it was great couple of days on the water with a fun group of guys


I spent the first 4 days of the fishing season going after rock fish and lingcod. I had to cancel this weekends trip due to some extremely windy conditions (we've been seeing gust to 45kts). The ling cod action has been as good as gets and in fact it has almost been to good. The lings have been gobbling up anything as soon as it gets near the bottom, making it a bit more difficult to get the rock fish. However we managed limits every day despite the crappy ocean conditions. The salmon action has been slow at best and really hasnt been a whole lot of sign around lately,  but this wind should be turning things up and well see what it looks like after this blow. 


So the PFMC made there final decision on the salmon season last week. They went with option 1 and the season will be as follows. Open April 1st - May 31st and August 15th - November 12th. As you can see we lost two of our more productive months in June and July. Typically are spring time salmon fishing is pretty hit and miss and gets much more consistent towards the end of June through the end of August. So if you're looking to try to get some salmon this summer i think your best bet will probably be those last couple weeks of   August. I still have some open spots but they'll probably go rather quickly with the limited opportunity well have. I will begin running my normal combo trips on May first for salmon, rockfish, and halibut. I do have some open spots that first week as well. So far the salmon fishing has been very slow for the boats that have been trying. 


So the PFMC announced the three alternatives for this upcoming salmon season. As expected its not very good. Due to the lowest returns on record for the Klamath river, we won't see a lot of opportunity either way.

 Option 1:

~April 1st - May 31st

~August 15th - Nov. 12th

Option 2:

~April 1st - May 31st

~July 1st - 12th

Option 3:

~April 1st - 30th

They'll vote and choose one of those three options at the end of the month. The KMZ area to our north (Eureka/Trinidad area) will be closed to salmon completely. Any questions or concerns feel free to call. When I find out what option they choose I will post as soon as i know.


Looks like they have finally implemented the changes for this upcoming rockfish season.  We will see are ling cod go back down to a two fish daily limit and the black rockfish go down to a three fish per day limit.  In the good news, we will be able to keep one canary per person for the first time in years. Also when we travel north (Rodgers break-Gorda area) above the 40'10' line we will be able to fish out to 180' which gives us some more territory. However, what I'm most exited about is that they've opened it in November and December with unlimited  depth. This means we will get to fish some spots that haven't been fished in decades, and also do crab rockfish combos in the winter time. In some other surprising, yet good news, we got 5k more lbs of halibut quota. We won't get an official word on salmon season until the end of March and i will let you all know when i hear. The calendar is filling up rather quickly so if you're planning on making the trip to the cove this summer make sure you make reservations ahead of time.


Happy holidays! Just finished updating my site and I hope you all enjoy it. Still running crab trips tip the end of the month if you're interested.