Happy New Year! Just updating on a couple rockfish regulation changes for 2019. The first being they're increasing the limit on canaries from two to three fish per day. The more significant change is that they are reducing the bag limit to one ling cod per day below the 40'10 line. That means we will be trying to get up north to the Rodgers Break area us much as we can as the limit up there will remain at two per day. I have began taking reservations, so if you're looking to get on the water this year give me a call.


Happy Thanksgiving! We've been busy this month running rockfish/crab combos and the fishing has been fantastic. The crab are big and plentiful. We have only had to pull a few pots to get all the crab we need. The rock codding has been equally as great with limits in just a few hours every day. We're starting to see some big lings lately too with 20 plus pounders being landed on most trips. I'll be running trips through the end of the year if you're looking to fill the freezer or get some crab for the holidays. I'll also be cooking the crab so you dont have to bring the mess home.

   In other news here at the cove, the harbor district has announced that they will no longer be running the tractor service after January 15th. In light of this news, a group of us have gotten together and are in the process of forming a non profit corporation which intends to operate the tractor bussiness. As most of you that are familiar with the cove know, its been a constant battle to find anything consistant or reliable as far as a launch operation goes. It is our hope that by being a non-profit and recieving support from the fishing community that we can finally bring some stability to the launching situation as well as preserving Shelter Cove's fishing heritage. Once we are up and running (most likely sometime after the first of the year) we plan on sending out annual newsletters about our progress and projects that we are currently working on. The name of our non profit will be Shelter Cove Fishing Preservation Incorporated. If you'd like to donate or be added to the corporations mail list send me your name and address as well as email.


So luckily i was miss informed about rock fish season closing early this year and turns out we will indeed get to fish through the end of the year. We will begin rockfish/crab combos starting November 3rd. Until then its rockfish and albacore when the weather allows.


Things are starting to wind down here a bit as summer comes to a close but that doesn't mean fishing is over. Although salmon is all but over the rockfishing as been fantastic and so has the albacore fishing. We made it offshore three times this last week with great results and will continue to due so as long as the conditions allow. The CDFW announced last week that it will be closing our rockfish season two months early so we will not get to fish November and December this year. That means the last day of fishing will be October 31st for me and then i will pull the boat out for the winter. 


July was a fantastic month of fishing. Although we had to travel a bit at times the salmon fishing has been pretty good. The last couple weeks the salmon have been moving in closer and were starting to see some really nice ones as well. We were also able to squeeze a couple tuna runs in and the fish were there and biting. I will be running tuna trips as much as possible when weather allows and have started a "tuna call list". Rockfishing has been great as usaul  with limits being the rule. I havent been halibut fishing much lately with the good salmon fishing but we've only caught about half of our quota so i expect it to stay open through the August opener and quite possibly open back up in September.


Salmon season opened up a couple weeks ago and the fishing has been very good so far. The only thing that has been keeping us from getting limits everyday is the wind. The fish have been offshore a few miles and the wind has been absolutely relentless this month so weve only been able to salmon fish for a couple hours most days. The rockfishing has been fantastic as well lately. There is also some great looking tuna water offshore if the wind ever stops. 


May was pretty good month. The rock fishing and crabbing was outstanding, as we limited out on both on all but one trip. The weather was also pretty exeptional for May is well. We were able to make quite a few trips north and get some halibut fishing in up at Gorda. The halibut bit pretty good for the most part and we averaged over a fish per trip. So far June as been windy and we've only made it out one day this month. The salmon season has opened to the north of us and the boats out of Eureka have been doing very well so far.  Overall it looks very good for salmon out there and i cant wait to start catching some pink meat. July is almost completely filled up and August is filling up quickly as well so be sure to plan ahead if you're coming this way. As my family grows its getting harder to find time for reports, but ill try to do a better job of getting more up here



After having to cancel on the opener, we were greeted with some exeptional spring weather. We were able to run north to the Rodgers Break and Gorda area four days in a row. We did rock fish and halibut combo trips everyday. The rock fishing was incredible as it is usaully up there but the halibut fishing was a bit slower with us only averaging a fish per day. The crabbing was steady all week as well and we got limits for the boat each day. It felt great to be back on the water and i cant wait to see what the rest of the season brings.


The salmon seasons were finalized yesterday and we made out better than we thought. We will open here on June 17th and run through the end of October. Also, in some other surprisingly good news, they bumped up our canary limit from one fish to two. Finally things are looking up. The calender is filling up fast so give me a ring if you're planning on getting out this summer. I can't wait to get back on the water and look forward to fishing with you all again this year.


Not much new to report  around here. Ive just been getting all the off season maintenance done on the boat.  The PFMC came out with there pre season salmon report and the numbers appear to be a little bit better than last year but still very low.  They will start having there meetings and discussing season options on the 1st of March. Salmon season will open here on April 7th but for how long remains to be determined. The calender is starting to fill up so let me know if youre planning on coming out this year.


I wrapped up the season this past Sunday. It was another week of absolutely gorgeous weather in which we ran north to gorda for some fantastic rockfishing. I honestly think December was the best month of weather we had all year!  I'd like to thank all of you who made it out with me this  year and can't wait to see everyone again next year.  You guys make doing what i love possible. It ended up being a great season despite the poor salmon situation. I've already pulled the boat out of the cove and have begun the off season maintenance and repairs. I will start booking for 2018 on the first of the year. Salmon will open on April 7th, but we will not know the full extent of the season until the middle of March. Early reports indicate the river returns were much better than last year so we should get more of a season than we did this year but we'll have to wait and see. It looks like halibut will remain the same with it being open May 1st through June 15th then the 1st-15th of July and August and reopening on September 1st until the quota is met. Rock fish and ling cod will also remain the same as this year with it being open May 1st through December 31st. 


The rock fishing and crabbing have been absolutely great. After a series of storms kept us off the water last week, the weather this week has been some of the best we've seen all year. I ran north the last three days where we were limited out before 11 each day. We saw lings in the 20lb class every day as well. The pots have been stuffed full of crab still and we are only having to pull 2-3 pots to get the 60 crab we need. I will be calling it a season on Christmas so if you'd like to get some fish for the freezer, or some crab for the holidays, be sure to give me a call. looks like we still got some good weather ahead,


Ive been fishing four times now since the crab opener and we even made it north a couple times. The fishing has been absalutely fantastic as has been the crabbing. On the crab opener we had a 30 crab per pot average in just four hours. On all four days we have had our limits of crab, rockfish, and ling cod and been back to the harbor by noon. Last Monday and Tuesday we had some of the best weather we've seen all year! Give me a call if you're wanting some crab for the holidays, I still got quite a bit of room and 10  crabs a person is garaunteed! below are some drone pictures from this past week.



I was on the water this last Friday-Saturday. Overall the fishing was on the slow side but we got limits all three days. I got all the crab gear ready to go, and am looking forward to the opener this Saturday. Still have lots of room during the week if you're looking to get out on the water.



I was on the water the past four days. Saturday we stayed locally and the fishing was ok. We had limits of rockfish and lings to 20lbs by 1:00. Both Sunday and Monday we ran north to Rodgers. The conditions couldn't have been better with warm blue skies and a clear, calm ocean. The fishing was equally as great as we had quick and quality limits both days. We had lots of big reds to 10lbs and and lings to 25lbs. Tuesday i had a light load so we stayed locally again. It wasn't fast and furious but had all we needed by 11:00. Crab season is coming up quickly (Nov. 4th)  and i'll be doing crab/rockfish combo trips. (i'll be cooking the cabs as well for no additional charge). The weekends are starting to fill up so give me a call if you're looking to fill the freezer or get some crab for the holidays.



I have run for tuna thrre times since last report, and overall it was pretty slow. Although the fish we caught were mostly big ones, we only landed 17 in the three trips. There seem to be plenty of fish around out there but they're moving around quite a bit and its been hard to stay on them. We made a run to Rodgers Break today on a beautiful ocean and the fishing was lights out. In some bad news, we will not be getting the unlimited depth in November and December as we have exeeded our yelloweye allocation. We will still get to fish Nov. Dec. and we will be running rockfish/crab combo trips.


Well things have slowed a bit for me bussiness wise as summer winds down. I have still been running a few rock fish trips a week and limits have been had on every trip. I have lots of room if you're looking to fill the freezer. The tuna water is sitting right there at 20 miles and it looks like we may get a couple opportunities later this week. On some bad news it sounds like we are losing are unlimited depth restrictions for November and December before we even got to expierience them. CDFW said we have caught too many yellow eye therefore they're cutting the depth back above the 40'10 line to 20 fathoms and will not be opening it for unlimited depth. We will still get to fish November and December but just to our normal 120' depth.



The salmon fishing has been very slow this past week. I only tried one day but did not land amy salmon. I made a couple trips north for rockfish this past week and the fishing was fantastic. We had quick limits both days. The rockfishing close to home has been pretty slow but we have been able to get limits if we put in the time. Last Thursday we made another tuna run and although we lost more than i have all year we still ended up with 28 longfins. The tuna water is still hanging pretty close and we will continue running as long as the weather allows. Also effective today, halibut season is closed as we have reached our quota.


The salmon fishing has remained very hit and miss. One day we'll have limits fairly early then we'll have a couple days of scratch fishing. Its getting that time of year when the salmon fishing typically slows down for us but this year seems a little different and i have a feeling we will be getting em for a few more weeks. I also made a couple tuna runs last week and although we had to travel a little farther the fish were still there and in a biting mood. The rockfishing as been fantastic lately and we're seeing some of the biggest ling cod we have seen all year. I have quite a bit of room this month so if you're looking to fill the freezer before winter give me a call.